Do You Expect Us To Talk?

Ep 178 Fast and Furious: Do You Expect Us To Talk?

January 4, 2022

Do You Expect Us To Talk? returns as the the Fast franchise goes up a gear in the fourth instalment. After hiding from the law, Dominic Torreto has left the States still working on heist jobs, then the news that Letty has been killed brings him back home to investigate what happened. Meanwhile Brian O'Connor is back working for the FBI, trying to take down a drug lord. The two paths cross once again as fate brings them back together to make love off camera.

Join Becca, Dave and Chris was we discuss Brian O'Connor's career trajectory, what a difference star power brings to a film, Vin Diesel's Batman level of detective skills, Spanish not-Terrence Stamp, and how inept the FBI are when looking to catch someone at a funeral

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with Fast Five


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