Do You Expect Us To Talk?

Ep 181 Fast and Furious 7: Do You Expect Us To Talk?

January 4, 2022

Do You Expect Us To Talk? continues the Fast franchise with the seventh instalment. Compromised by the sudden death of Paul Walker, the film had to be rewritten around his absence. Now the family have settled back home in LA, Brian is adjusting to life as a parent, settling down with Mia. However the past comes knocking when Owen Shaw's brother, Deckard comes after the team to reap revenge, killing Han (In Tokyo) and putting Hobbs in hospital, Dom and his team must get to Deckard Shaw before he gets to them. To do this, Government spook Mr Nobody (Kurt Russell) gets the team to get a surveillance device called God's Eye before a team of Mercenary Terrorists do.

Join Becca, Dave and Chris as we discuss, how well James Wan finished the film without Paul Walker, get side tracked with JK Rowling, the girl from Hollyoaks not being all that, the issue of two members of the team with the same skill set, depiction of ICU beds, how to cure a broken arm, how talking about how you remember stuff is better than CPR and Vin Diesel having sex in front front of a child.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with The Fate of the Furious



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